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Fundraiser Password Recovery Tool Waiver

This waiver is intended to address future potential disputes that may arise in connection with the use of the Tool. It is not intended to, and does not, have any impact on the parties' claims or defenses in connection with the 3 July 2017 fundraiser ("Tezos Fundraiser") that is the subject of putative class action litigation in the United States, including the extent to which the Lead Plaintiff or putative class members may properly assert their claims relating to the Tezos Fundraiser in the United States, or proceed with or participate in those pending claims on a class-wide basis.

You have lost a fundraiser password ("Password") that is needed to access a recommended allocation of Tezos tokens (XTZ) corresponding to a donation to the Tezos Foundation’s ("Foundation") fundraiser in 2017.

The Foundation has established a fundraiser password recovery tool ("Tool") to support you in potentially retrieving the Password that is part of the private key information (15-word secret key ("mnemonic") + fundraiser email address + Password) corresponding to a recommended allocation of XTZ. In order to take advantage of the Tool, it will be essential that you provide some information to the Foundation via the Tool such as a current email address, an email address used to generate a Tezos public key hash (tz1 address) during the fundraiser (which might be different from your current email address), a Tezos public key hash generated during the fundraiser, a 15-word mnemonic, some hints about Password, and other information ("Private Information").

The Foundation will have full access to such Private Information and will treat it in line with its Privacy Policy, as attached below.

Upon initial validation, the Tool will use the Private Information you provide to attempt to recover your lost Password that you entered during the fundraiser. You will receive periodic updates via email about the status of the recovery process. If the recovery process is successful, we will notify you via email that the Password corresponding to your Tezos public key hash from the fundraiser has been recovered. As a result, the Foundation will then be in possession of the private key information corresponding to your public key hash from the fundraiser, which will provide the Foundation with (i) access to the tokens controlled by your public key hash and (ii) the possibility to transfer the XTZ that were recommended to your public key hash based on your donation to the Foundation’s fundraiser in 2017.

Upon a successful Password recovery, you may need to go through the Foundation's know-your-customer and anti money laundering (KYC/AML) process and possibly some additional validation in order to gain access to the corresponding recommended allocation. If you have already completed the Foundation's KYC/AML process and activated the corresponding recommended allocation (which may be done without private key information), then you may proceed to access those XTZ.

Successfully recovered private keys, which include Passwords, will be immediately encrypted to a key which the Foundation will control. The Foundation will then forward you the associated encrypted key (or transfer the XTZ from the manually recovered private key information from the fundraiser to a new public key hash controlled by you),upon entering into an agreement with you, containing, among others, terms as set out below.

Please note that the Tool cannot help those with lost mnemonics. The Tool may only assist those in possession of the mnemonics and fundraiser email addresses corresponding to their public key hashes from the fundraiser, but with lost Passwords.

Accordingly, considering the above and by using the Tool and providing your Private Information to the Foundation you confirm, agree, and acknowledge that:

  • You have lost the Password that you entered corresponding to a public key hash from the fundraiser and thus you cannot access the allocation of XTZ tokens that were recommended to the associated public key hash when the Foundation proposed a genesis block on 30 June 2018
  • You voluntarily transfer Private Information to the Foundation
  • The Foundation might come in possession of the Password and all other private key information (15-word mnemonic + fundraiser email address + Password) corresponding to the Tezos public key hash that you generated during the fundraiser
  • If the Foundation retrieves the Password corresponding to your public key hash, in addition to the private key information you provide, it will have the ability to transfer the XTZ controlled by the corresponding public key hash
  • You do not have a claim against the Foundation that the XTZ corresponding to your public key hash from the fundraiser will be activated for you, even if your Password is recovered
  • You will have to complete the Foundation’s KYC/AML process, if not already done or completed yet, in order to activate and then possibly access the recommended allocation of XTZ corresponding to your public key hash from the fundraiser
  • The Foundation will have no responsibility whatsoever if the Password, other private key information (such as a 15-word mnemonic and fundraiser email address), or the new public key hash you provide the Foundation with is lost, stolen or made available to a third party for any reason
  • You will refrain from commencing any kind of action, including legal action, against the Foundation relating to the Tool
  • Your Private Information and your Password will be treated according to the Foundation’s Privacy Policy, which you may find below
  • For purposes of any dispute regarding the Tool you accept and agree that the relationship between you and the Foundation is governed by Swiss law. All disputes regarding the Tool are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Zug, Switzerland
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